PRODUCTS // High Brightues Sunlight Readable LCD's


For Industrial
Products designed for the demanding environments of transportation, industry, mobile and military.

IDP2800SQ - 2K2K display for Air Traffic Control Display
IDP2130HB - 21.3 inch Tower Control Display
IDP2310UX - ECDIS & Vessel Traffic Control Display
RDP2010UX - 20.1 inch Naval & Rugged Display


For Medical Imaging
Products designed for medical imaging.

Monochrome Solutions :
High luminance screens for digital mammography
and radiology applications.
IF2105MP - 5M 21-inch Monochrome Monitor
IF2103MP - 3M 21-inch Monochrome Monitor
IF2002MP - 2M 20-inch Monochrome Monitor
IF1901M - 1M 19-inch Monochrome Monitor

IF1901MP - 1M 19-inch Monochrome Monitor
Full Color Solutions :
Full-Color Solutions Color-rich screens for 3D reconstruction,
PET, ultrasound, CAT and other emerging imaging technologies.
IF2103CP - 3M 20-inch Color Monitor

IF2002CP - 2M 20-inch Color Monitor
IF1911C - 1M 19-inch Color Clinical Monitor
IF1911CP - 1M 19-inch Clinical and Modality

IF2400C - 2M 24-inch HD Color Monitor
Surgical Solutions :
SD2400CW - High Advance Surgical Color Monitor

SD4200CW - High Advance Surgical Color Monitor
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