( Big Screen Display)

Purposes of Big Screen Display
1. Very Reasonable Investment
2. Most Suitable for Evening Time Display
3. Music VDO, DVD/VCD Display
4. TV Display : Live Sports Tournaments, Fashion, Important Events, Etc.
5. Live Display at the Display Area
6. Colorful, Attractive and Efficiency Announcement & Advertising Tools:
Graphics, Texts, Animation, Movies, etc.
7. Mixed with Live Concert, Fashion Show, etc.
8. Advertising for Income

Benefits of Big Screen Display
1. New & Modern Media  
2. Effective & Upgrade Public Relations & Advertising 
3. Attractive & Good Looking
4. Easy & Save for Changing Content 
5. Landmark and Reference Point
6. More Visitors, More Popular, Less Advertising Costs
7. Incomes for Advertising 
8. Very Reasonable Investment
9. Improved Image

Factors of Choosing
1. Major/Minor Purpose Consideration  
2. Investment & Return of Investment 
3. Suitable Technology
4. Suitable Location to Install    
5. Operations & Maintenance
6. Other Factors

Processing of Project
1. Survey, Analysis, Proposal  
2. Decision Making 

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