Embedded Hardware
  • Single Board Computer
    uProcessor Module Tiny Module

    μProcessor CPU Modules are designed as the kernel of customer own application, which integrates the DM&P SoC CPU, onboard DDR2, BIOS and multi I/O.

    Tiny embedded CPU Modules offer the most compact embedded system for small application such as IP camera and Handheld PC

    PC/104 Module 3.5" Embedded Module

    PC/104 CPU Modules provide wide range from 486 to Pentium level with minimum power requirement and wide operating temperature.

    3.5" CPU Modules support 486 to Pentium level with fanless, low power consumption, and wide operating temperature.

    Half-Size SBC 5.25" EBX Module

    Half-size SBC cards are designed to include industry-standard ISA gold fingers and PC/104 for easy expansion as industrial control system.

    5.25" EBX Modules provide multi LANs with industrial grade in wide temperature, low power consumption, and fanless.


    We also provide some accessories to be convenience for customer's development with SBC boards

  • Peripheral
    PC/104+ PC/104 DIO

    PC/104+ Peripheral Modules are contained to be compatible with other PC/104+ CPU boards with powerful extension.

    PC/104 Digital I/O Modules can be used together with TTL level input /output circuitry and emulates an 8255 PPI (programmable peripheral interface) mode 0, but has a higher driving capacity than the 8255 PPI.

    PC/104 Network PC/104 RS-232

    PC/104 Ethernet Modules provide multi LANs for SBC boards via PC/104 extension.

    PC/104 RS-232 Modules provide more RS-232 for SBC boards via PC/104 extension.

    PC/104 Power Supply Flash Storage

    PC/104 Power Supply Modules accept a DC input voltage from a vehicle power system, battery, or other power source and provide clean output power for PC/104 systems.

    Flash Based Storage stands out as the proper solution for embedded solution and devices in commercial, industrial and military fields.


    We also provide other peripheral modules to be suitable for customer's application.

  • Panel PC
    Panel PC Open Frame

    ICOP's Panel PC is designed for the present demanding embedded and productive applications. It can be more widely used when running with DOS, Linux, Windows CE, and Windows XP environment which makes it becomes the perfect solution for system integration.

    Open Frame series meets the need of customers who want less hassle and easy integration with their own platform such as ATM machine or KIOSK system.

    LCD Panel Set  

    ICOP provides LCD panel solution from size 6.4", 8.4" 10.4" 12.1" and 15" to meet your application using our products.

  • DM&P CPU
    Vortex86DX Vortex86SX

    The powerful embedded x86 platform for Windows XP Embedded, WEPOS, and embedded Linux application.

    Vortex86SX is a high performance and fully static 32-bit X86 processor with the compatibility of Windows based, Linux and most popular 32-bit RTOS.

Embedded Software




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